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The Singularity is Here

Today, May 23rd, 2023, marks the launch of "The Singularity is Here", a multilayered art intervention where visitors have 60 seconds to decide whether to launch the Singularity or not, initiating critical discussions about the far-reaching consequences of artificial intelligence (AI) on society.

The installation serves as a reminder of the existential threats we face without proper frameworks in place and calls for stronger regulations to ensure the safe advancement of exponential technologies.


We envision a future where ethical principles and human values guide AI development. To achieve this, we urge public and government involvement in shaping the ethical and regulatory frameworks governing AI.


We are engaged citizens - artists, scientists, designers, programmers, entrepreneurs, philosophers, poets, physicists, volunteers, and individuals of all kinds - who recognize the transformative power of AI in reshaping our world.


We are convinced that by encouraging wide-ranging conversations and envisioning future scenarios via artistic initiatives, we can collectively conceptualize futures where AI serves the best interests of all humankind.


We invite you to join the conversation, reflect on the potential consequences of AI on our lives, and contribute to shaping a better tomorrow in alignment with the values and collective efforts that brought "The Singularity is Here" to life.

Open Call for Artist to join - If your artwork invites us to reflect, and explore the impact of exponential technologies such as artificial intelligence, we welcome you to join this Art Intervention - that shall raise awareness and explore the impact of s to explore futures Join this initiative with your creativity!

About “The Singularity is Here”

This art intervention was launched by conceptual artist Gian Klain, with the generous support of Impact Hub Zürich and the tireless efforts of the following engaged citizens and collaborators: Alex Eichner, Jorgos Kontoleon, Benjamin Ernst, Carlo Natter, Aurelian Ammon, Andreas Steiner, Pascal Bertschi, Ashley Baker, Gabriel le Roux, Linus Spitz, Aaron Fraefel, Marc Reinhart, Joel Helminger, James Glattfelder, Sunnie J. Groeneveld, Julien Weissenberg, Eduard Dehgraf, Gian Klainguti, Chan De Liar, Roberto Cramer Bodoni, and counting…

Participating Artists in this initiative: gianklain,, Grit Wolany, Quantum Dreams, Paulina Zybinska

Our sincere gratitude goes to all those who have participated and will join this art initiative in the future as we continue to grow and advocate for responsible AI development.

This Project relies on artists and engaged citizens, supporters, and sponsors - to reach out.

Without the generous support of the following organizations, partners, and collaborators, this art initiative would not have been possible: Impact Hub Zürich,